Posted by: theinspiredscribe | March 3, 2012

Gratitude and James Rollins

I would be remiss if I didn’t give thanks to the man who actually inspired me to persist at writing.

In 2005, I had wanted to write for a long time. Actually I had wanted to write from the age of eleven. ( I even cut pieces of paper and stapled them together to make them look like a book!) At that time the lines were empty but my ambition and desire wasn’t. Years went by, projects were started but because of a lack of confidence and the fear of rejection, they were almost always abandoned. It wasn’t from a lack of encouragement from friends, family and colleagues that my confidence and fear was founded, but from myself.

Many years later, I read one of James Rollins novels entitled Sandstorm. I loved it so much that I looked for more of his books and then one day decided to visit his website. There I saw his biography and read his Q&A. I soon realized that he was a grounded, approachable writer. He seemed like someone I could relate to.

I gathered my courage and sent him an e-mail, outlining my problems with starting a book and a request for tips to help me. To be honest, I really didn’t expect an answer, only because he was a busy author and probably wouldn’t even see my e-mail with all of the correspondence I was sure he would have to deal with.

To my absolute delight, a couple of days later, James sent me an e-mail back and to me, the words were like gold. He gave me recommendations on how many pages to write a day and to start with a scene and go from there. These were just a couple of the numerous tips he gave me, and I was thrilled and honoured that he took the time out of his busy days to write back to me.

Because of that e-mail, and the wisdom and tips in it, I followed his advice. For the first time I didn’t abandon my project.

I have made leaps and bounds since then. completing two books, working on a third and I feel I owe it all to James Rollins. To me, he made the craft of writing a real achievement to strive for, and helped me find the inner strenth and confidence to finish what I started.

To persist.

I realized that there was only one person stopping me.


He made a huge impact, and a life changing difference.

To James Rollins I say , Thank You,



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